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HumanOptics provides a unique selection of medical devices ranging from premium to standard solutions, from which the surgeon and patient can choose the most appropriate implant, considering the individual requirements and medical criteria.
The Aspira® provides a modern high quality, “aspheric" optic. In contrast, conventional IOLs that have a normal “spherical” design may lead to reduction in contrast, especially in low light conditions. Those visual disorders, so called “spherical aberrations”, get reduced by the precise optic-technology of the Aspira®. Thus a better, high-quality brilliant clear vision with high contrast is achieved, which is advantageous for example with driving at night etc.

In addition, HumanOptics produces premium products with additional options like the Torica® that compensates for astigmatism, yellow optics that offer blue light protection or the Diffractiva® - premium IOLs for presbyopia correction.

On the following pages we give an overview of the possible additional, individual lens options. Your eye specialist will discuss those with you to find the best option for your requirements.