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retinaprotection sWith aging the natural lens turns yellow and thereby protects not only from UV-radiation but also additionally from the lights high energetic blue radiations that may, in the long run, lead to cellular damage on the retina.

It has been shown that by developing a yellow pigment with increasing age the human lens shows a natural filtering against blue light, reducing the risk of retinal damage.

With standard cataract surgery the natural lens is replaced by a colorless IOL, which filters UV radiations only, the natural filtering effect is inevitably lost and does not protect the retina from potentially harmful blue light.

Most of the HumanOptics IOLs are also available with optional yellow coloring agent and can be chosen after consultation with the surgeon. With the yellow coloring agent added, the IOL imitates the filtering capacity of the natural lens: the high energetic blue light gets filtered and does not reach the retina which is therefore protected from eventual harm.

The long-term stability of the HumanOptics IOLs with yellow coloring agent is proven in laboratory experiments and is identical to conventional IOLs without those pigments.