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The Artificialiris

Regardless of partial or complete aniridia the world's first artificial iris prothesis provides a solution to restore vision not only optically but also aesthetically:

With the ArtificialIris HumanOptics (former Dr. Schmidt Intraocularlinsen), has finally come up with a solution
that offers a genuine improvement in the quality of life for people with aniridia.


Iris implants consist of rigid materials (e.g. a material similar to plastic) and are manufactured in only a few standard colors.

An exact, aesthetical replica of the patient’s individual eye color is not offered. With traditional iris implants the natural iris structure is not reproduced either. Furthermore, implantation usually requires a comparatively larger incision (approx. 10 mm versus 3 mm for the ArtificialIris).
The bigger the incision the more complicated the surgery and the higher the risk of infection. Smaller incisions also reduce permanent astigmatism that can be caused by the healing process.

ArtificialIris – the innovative solution

The ArtificialIris was developed by HumanOptics (former Dr. Schmidt Intraocularlinsen) in close collaboration with Prof. Dr. med. Hans-Reinhard Koch (Bonn, Germany).
Just looking at Germany about 1.000 patients suffering from partial or complete aniridia can benefit from the artificial iris prothesis annually (incidence rate 1:80.000). This new implant offers them a completely new perspective.
Implants currently available on the market are manufactured only in a few standard colors. The ArtificialIris, however, matches the patient’s original iris color. Only like this a natural look can be achieved.
Another innovation: the new implant offers optimal optical features and is foldable, only a small incision is required for insertion. The ArtificialIris reduces glare and at the same time increases depth of focus and contrast sensitivity. When treating partial aniridia it is even possible to just use a segment of the ArtificialIris in order to preserve the remnants of the natural iris.
  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Good vision
  • Faldable material
  • Compartibility
  • Used as full or partial prosthesis
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