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1 – What is the ArtificalIris made of?
Foldable, highly biocompatible, hydrophobic silicone elastomer - exactly the same proven material as used in the HumanOptics silicone intraocular lenses, with color pigmentation and polymer fiber meshwork (optional), fully embedded within the silicone. 

2 – Is your ArtificialIris an iris lens?
No, this device does not integrate an intraocular lens, but is independent of an IOL.

3 – What is the size?
The iris prosthesis comes in one diameter of 12.8 mm with a 3.35 mm central aperture, a central circumference thickness of 0.4 mm with a final peripheral thickness of 0.25 mm.

4 – Can you modify the prosthesis?    
Yes, you can trim both models where indicated.

5 – What is the difference between the two models?
Our model ArtificialIris Fiber Free is not made to hold sutures. It is more flexible and can fit through an incision down to 2.5 mm. Our model ArtificialIris with polymer fiber meshwork which is embedded in the silicone is specifically made for suturing and can fit through an incision of about 3.2 mm.

6 – How is the ArtificialIris sterilized and deliviered?
It is steam sterilized in a primary container, in sterile saline solution, sealed within a sterile pouch and fully labeled including a picture of the contained ArtificialIris.

7 – What is your production and delivery time?  
Delivery time is 4 to 8 weeks after receipt of official order and approved photography.

8 – When and where was the first human implantation of the ArtificalIris?
The first ArtificialIris implantation was performed successfully by Prof. Hans-Reinhard Koch, the co-inventor, in November 2002 in Bonn, Germany.

9 – Can I use the ArtificalIris for color change of the eye?
It is not intended for iris color change as it is not made for anterior chamber placement.

10 – Is the ArtificialIris pupil size of 3.35 mm adequate for vitreoretinal surgery procedures?
In principle yes. Please find further details here >>


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